1. Illness Policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure sick children are identified and cared for appropriately and to protect children and adults from preventable infection.

Please read the “Illness Policy” in full. This policy uses the term “parent” to encompass parents / guardians:

– Parents are asked to inform Caroline’s School of Life if their child is absent due to illness and the specifics of the illness (if infectious or not);

– If a child seems to be not coping in Caroline’s School of Life environment or unwell while at our workshop, parents will be contacted and asked to collect their child within 2 hours from time person-to-person contact is made;

– Caroline’s School of Life must be able to contact either a parent or a nominated adult (emergency contact person) at all times. If parent / guardian cannot be contacted and a child is sufficiently ill or distressed because of illness, an ambulance will be called to take the child to hospital.

2. Conditions for a child to be sent home

– When a child registers a temperature of 38,5° C or above as measured in the ear, a parent or emergency contact person will be notified and requested to collect their child as soon as possible. The child will not be permitted to return to Caroline’s School of Life for a further 24 hours following a fever;

– Within 24 hours of commencing antibiotics;

– If live head lice are detected. The child must undergo an effective treatment and all eggs must be removed;

– If a child suffers a contagious condition stated below and needs medical treatments. In every case, please consult your doctor to be sure when your child is not contagious anymore and can return to the workshop:

Diarrhoea / vomiting; Sore / strep throat; Scarlet fever; Eye drainage; Pink eye; Rash; Impetigo; Chicken pox; Cold sores; Scabies; Rubella; Measles; Whooping cough; HFMD; Teething and Warts.