Transmitting life values

Within our friendly environment, Caroline’s School of Life aims to provide opportunities for children to learn, socialise, and feel respected as individuals. Allowing them to grow their own personality and discover values in which they choose to believe in and defend.

Awareness of the environment

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By adopting sustainable habits, at Caroline’s School of Life we hope to raise environmental awareness in children’s vision of our planet, which shows in the design of our “Green crafts 4 Kids” program, and lifestyle choices.

Multiculturalism and bilingualism

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By celebrating each child’s cultural background, children will naturally learn to embrace diversity and appreciate the richness of our world, as well as develop a healthy self-image. The bilingual French/English aspect of Caroline’s School of Life promotes the acquisition of a new language and enhances a mother tongue.

Experimenting art


At Caroline’s School of Life, our workshops offer a variety of art experiments (especially during our “Green Crafts 4 Kids” session), providing a new set of skills for self confidence and expression. Taking part in individual and group projects allows children to work through feelings, and provides chances to communicate them in a meaningful way.