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Workshops every afternoon


Any child, from 4 to 10


Arts & craft and outdoor activities


Fun, creative and eco-friendly

What do we offer?

Are you looking for an after school placement for your child? Caroline’s School of Life could be the place for you. We run creative and fun workshop sessions for your children daily:


After school group
4 to 10 years old
Every week day
From 14:30 to 17:30
Maximum 8 children per session

Les Arbustes


At Caroline’s School of Life, we have developed our own curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, integrating specific areas of development that reflect our philosophy. Our workshops have been designed to meet our goals set in the curriculum and to respond to every child’s needs at different age stages.

You will find below examples of how we support their development on a daily basis in the following areas:

Personal, Emotional, Social development

Talking about our cultural background and traditions during our circle time “La Ronde”.

and Language

Developing in a bilingual environment and listening to world music.


Experimenting a wide range of arts and crafts and expand our imagination during our “Green Crafts 4 Kids” activity.

Awareness of the environment

Using recycled materials only for our art project and taking part in recycling role play games.

Extra care

We provide extra care, for when this service is needed.
Extra care hours are generally: 17:30 to 18:30.
Please contact us if you need extended care for your child.


Extra care
holiday camp

Holiday Camps

During school breaks, we usually offer Holiday Camps. If you are a registered parent, we will inform you ahead of time, by email. If not, we also post the information here or on our Facebook page.

What happens in our Holiday Camps?
In our friendly environment, children will not only have fun letting go of their creativity and imagination; they will also take part in games and discussions about keeping our Earth healthy.

We also organise daily outings for the well being of our body and mind.


From August 2018, Caroline’s School of Life will be part of PR!MA.

PR!MA Bildung is a comprehensive educational framework, focusing on peace building. It includes opportunities for education in preschool, school, but also for vocational programmes, for 0-100 year olds. Denis Bitterli and his collaborators founded in Basel the PR!MA association in February 2017, after 10 years of discussions about an innovative and alternative education.

prima bildung