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Bilingual from birth, Caroline grew up with both French and English, in a family of five children. After obtaining her Baccalauréat in Paris, she pursued further education in Arts, which she is passionate about, and Early Years Development, in England.

She completed her National Vocational Qualification level 3 (NVQ-3) in Childcare and Education in 2009 in London. Along with her 10 years experience working in nurseries and preschools in England then in Switzerland, Caroline has a full understanding of child development and observation. As well as being creative, lively and imaginative, she has learned to develop endless patience and is strongly safety oriented.

Caroline is the founder of Caroline’s School of Life and the main teacher. She has developed a program, which includes various activities aiming to improve children’s creativity and promote their environmental awareness.

Dedicated to pass on life values, Caroline believes in children, in their immense cognitive capacities. She keeps in mind that by responding to their enthusiasm and motivation to learn in a nurturing educational system, they will become compassionate players in the world. The effects and outcomes in their lives will be positive and permanent.

Today’s child is tomorrow’s citizen !

Caroline Izard
Charlotte Izard

Charlotte IZARD

After having spent numerous years studying and travelling abroad, Charlotte decided to join her sister Caroline in 2014, in her educational project Caroline’s School of Life, as the co-founder and operations manager. As a strong believer of sustainability, she is fully committed to the success of the project and wishes to devote herself to creating a healthier future.

As Caroline, Charlotte has the dual French-English nationality and fluently speaks French, English and Spanish, therefore giving her a great ability to adapt to multicultural environments.

In 2013 Charlotte passed her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science with Business Management at the School of Geography of Queen Mary, University of London, ranked 1st amongst the United-Kingdom institutions for the quality of their research.

At Irvine, University of California, she passed her Sustainability Certificate in 2011. Pursuing her research in ecotourism in Mexico, she got involved in various community-based projects. Mentored by Julia Carabias, former Mexican Minister of Natural Resources and Fisheries, she volunteered in the Lacandon jungle with the organisation “Natura y Ecosistemas Mexicanos”.


Giulia grew up in Basel, where she is currently studying to become a mediator. After finishing high-school in 2011 in Oberwil, she decided to travel and discover the world. Throughout her many trips, she has met and worked along with people from different social backgrounds, which was a very beneficial experience to her.

Later on Giulia decided to further explore her hometown Basel where she started her studies in Irenology – a new study in conflict management. Together with her teacher Denis Marcel Bitterli, she is learning practical methods and skills for families, schools, neighbours and communities to constructively interact with each other.

She also enjoys giving bicycle lessons and being involved in the local Puppet Theatre.

Giulia loves supporting children’s creativity by taking part in their own stories and inventions. She joyfully encourages children to explore their interests and provides them with the necessary tools to strengthen their resilience.

She is very happy to have discovered and be part of Caroline’s School of Life as she shares the same sustainable values. She is grateful to work hand in hand with her team and parents involved in the project, to see the children at the workshop grow to their full potential.

There is no need to change the people in the world, but the world within the people !

Giulia Pampoukas